Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't judge me based on what I say

I have a lot on my plate this week. If my workload continues to be as crazy in the following weeks to come, the chances of me forming coherent sentences on this blog will go down by 87.9%. (Trust me, this number is absolutely correct. I took statistics and calculus, you know. If anyone knows about this kind of stuff, it's me. Unless you read this entry, then you know I'm lying when I say you can quote any calculations I make.)

Anyways I shouldn't be allowed to talk anymore (this is what my "friend" suggests to me everyday, and now I'm starting to agree with him), because everytime I do, it's always about how I don't like the weather or how sick I am or how layering clothes has me feeling smothered. Where did this feeling come from? I used to love wearing coats, boots, scarves and multiple layers. Now clothes make me feel claustrophobic. This is coming from someone who is completely, completely fashion obsessed. WHAT is happening to me? It's like I've become possessed by some nudist cult or something. I should be murdered.

Today's songs are The Teenagers - Love No and The Black Ghosts - Face