Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some things you probably don't care about

Random thoughts and updates and things I love this month:

- Do not blush furiously the next time you see a friend. Who you had a dream about. A not-so-appropriate dream. I repeat: DO NOT BLUSH. And don't accidentally give her that look. Because you do not mean that look. You don't. It came unbidden to your unconscious. You don't mean it. So STOP IT.

- Sometimes if you wait long enough, you get exactly what you want and exactly what you need.

- I've noticed that when you're about to go to the gym, it’s super important that you let as many people know as possible whether via twitter, facebook or your blog. More calories are burned when you brag about it.

- My life schedule: worry worry worry worry worry worry worry...rinse and repeat.

- I'm probably the only one rooting for Olivia Palermo on The City. I'm sorry people, but I CAN'T HATE HER. She's too impeccably dressed. And there are of course things about her that annoy me but I feel like MTV constantly makes her out to be the bad guy.

- It's "a lot" and not "alot" people.

- Obsession this month: Wildfox Couture tees

My boyfriend bought me one and I absolutely love it! The material is so soft and flowy. It's a dream. View the whole collection here.

- Frozen yogurt at Spoon Me on Kensington. YUM:

- Playing video games with my sweetheart. It's pretty rad.