Monday, June 29, 2009

Math + Logic = Not installed in my brain

Not really sure why I am reading the New York Times instead of finishing my historical essay. It's a five page essay with two parts due Wednesday and I haven't really started it yet, so of course I'm sitting here thinking that I should blog about something. About anything.

That's what happens when there's something important needed to be done, a million other more interesting things come up.

Anyways in accordance with the title of this entry, I'm not a mathematical genius.

In fact, numbers in general are not really my forte. I am what my friend calls the "history/language/insightful/creative artsy fartsy" type and not the "science/math/numbers /black and white loser" type. These are her words and not mine by the way, so if you're going to be offended, don't be offended at me. Although I must admit I like her descriptions, they are fabulous.

And that's why when I got hit with a decision analysis question worth seven marks (which combines both of my shortfalls of math and logic) on my BSEN final that I didn't memorize step by step exactly how to do, I lost out on all seven marks. I just couldn't logic my way through it.

What I actually did was punch in combinations of numbers from the question sheet into my calculator, hoping that I would somehow get one of the multiple choice answers. Didn't happen.

Ended up filling all seven questions out with b's. Anyways I don't really care anymore anyways, like I said, I just needed to blog about something.

And just for randoms:

Song today is Michael Jackson's Remember the Time. Asides from his music and talent, he is also probably the most fashionable man that has ever lived.