Thursday, October 21, 2010

Come on to bed blogger, let's kiss and make up.

I lose. I've been so busy with this and that that I haven't had a spare moment since my Fall semester started in September. Not that I would blog anyways if I had time. Taking 4 core business classes has diminished my ability to form sentences and has subsequently replaced my head with the ability to calculate future values, bonds and mortgages for long hours.

Except apparently I am gaining it all back as I write this.

Without a doubt, I have been overwhelmed. Group work is required for most of my classes (obviously anyone who has ever had to do group work in University knows that time is most efficiently spent this way. And by efficiently I mean not really at all). I have tedious assignments, quizzes and midterms seemingly non-stop. This has turned me into some kind of Grumpy McGrumpy pants. Or a professional asshole. Whatever.

Whenever someone asks what my major is and I reply "Accounting" I suddenly see the light disappear from their eyes and the calculating judgments they're forming about me. And then comes the fake enthusiasm like I picked the most interesting major ever.

"JUST BECAUSE I AM AN ACCOUNTING MAJOR DOES NOT MAKE ME BORING AND LAME!" I want to scream. "And I can be creative and artsy fartsy too!" (The artsy fartsy, creative part is true; The former two may or may not be.)

But then I realized that I am a girl who likes things. Pretty things. Shiny things. Burberry things. Although I know that money sure as hell cannot buy happiness, I do know it can buy me things. An English degree will not get me there, but perhaps a Business degree will. That is ok in my book. I have no interest in doing something I love and be barely scraping by to make ends meet by pursuing it. I am trying to find the upper-middle ground, and that is that.

With that being said and all seriousness aside, it is extremely hard to care about school work and be a lazy kitten instead when the weather starts dropping. All I want to do is stay in my warm bed and play Mario Kart DS.

PS. I'm Silk Spectre for Halloween this year. She's badass and I have a serious girl crush on her.