Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maybe I'm just greedy. Possibly greedy.

It appears I have a significant issue with willpower and shoes, in particularly boots. It seems I’d be willing to spend my last dollar (and probably yours) on a pair of black boots that I don’t need.

I’ll stop short of saying I’d probably trade my future new born for a really nice pair but only because I don’t want to see it in print. This is why I shouldn't have kids (and probably won't either way.)

My rationality is that it's not like I have a lot of boots. Last time I counted I have 4 pairs, 2 of which I don't really wear. Because one of them are a pair of Uggs and as comfortable as they are, they are reserved for my super super lazy days. When you see me in my Uggs, avoid me because I'm probably a lean mean fighting machine that day. A force to be reckoned with and no good will come out of talking to me. And the other pair are these oxford booties that have a 4 inch heel that I nearly sprained my ankle in trying to run down the steps last year.

Anyways I haven't bought the black boots I've been eyeing yet. But I know I will this weekend because I have no willpower to resist them. An invisible force will pull me towards them, except that this "force" doesn't really need to pull me, I will happily oblige and run with the force. I've settled on a simple black pair that will never ever go out of style, given that trends keep changing and my bank account keeps depleting itself and can't quite keep up with my frivolous spending.

This must be what trying to quit smoking is like. Just don’t buy the pack and you can succeed.

With me it’s just don’t go near the mall and I will succeed. But no. How many pairs of shoes does one person actually need?

Song today is Sébastien Tellier's La Ritournelle

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サワドロップ said...

Can I have your boots then? I only have two pairs ...

- Kare