Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sometimes fashion gives you orgasms.

I have blogger's block like you wouldn't believe.

I never know what to blog about these days. So that means I'm going to blog about the boots I bought over the weekend. They're so gorgeous, I want to have babies with them.

Just kidding, that was a lie. I'm not going to blog about reproducing spawns with my boots, so please don't close the window.

Anyways. I really don't know what to blog about. All that comes to mind is this morning when my aunt asked me what language they speak in Italy. And when I was like "um, Italian", she was like "no, those are the people."

And then I was about to roll my eyes at her, but then I thought about it, and that sounds awfully like something I would say. Like this one time when I was in the car with my boyfriend and we passed by the Mongolian Grill and I asked him in all seriousness, "I wonder what kind of food they serve there?" Yeah. I know, I know. It's the Mongolian-fucking-grill. I realized that after some thought.

Sorry for wasting your time, I just realized that this post really has no point. I told you guys I have major blogger's block. I started reading week today so hopefully I have time to sit down to write a proper post in the next few days.

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