Monday, June 22, 2009

I wonder how this will turn out...

Bumped into an old acquaintance today, thus what the "A" stands for.

A: I'm so excited! I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow!
Me: Oh really? First one?
A: Yeah, I've wanted a tattoo for the past 3 years now. You have one right?
Me: Yeah (shows her my tattoo) So what are you gonna get?
A: Wow, I really like that (yada yada yada). I'm probably going to get Chinese words, but I don't know of what yet.
Me (biting my tongue and trying not to cringe): Alright....well, do you know where you want it at least?
A: I'm thinking the small of my back but I don't know, I'll probably figure it out by tomorrow.
Me: (too tired to deal with this conversation): Great, well, good luck with that.

I think this may be why laser tattoo removal was invented.