Monday, June 15, 2009

Grow Up and Blow Away

I am deathly scared of earthworms and I'll go to the farthest extent possible to avoid them. If I see it from a distance and feel that it may be a threat to my life (almost always), I might throw the largest and nearest object I can find. And if by luck, the object smashes it to its death, I still won't touch it. The big point here is I would never intentionally touch a worm by any means.

This notion was put to the test today when me and my friend were sitting outside on the grass on campus in the sun talking and eating lunch. As we were talking, I started picking at the grass on the ground, unaware that a huge worm was wriggling a few cm away from my hand. As I saw it, I screamed (attracting all kinds of attention), jumped up and proceeded to drag my friend as far away as possible. She pretty much pissed herself laughing. Anyways I went to the washroom later to wash my hands for about 10 minutes, even though I didn't touch it. The point is that it was near me.

I am also scared of moths and centipedes. I know I'm like 10000x bigger than them. You're probably thinking, "wow what a girl." Believe me, I know. I'm aware of how silly I sound right now.

Anyways at least it gave me something to blog about.

PS. I hate when random people try to strike up a conversation with me on the train. And don't stop even when I completely ignore them. When did people become so persistent?

Metric - Grow up and Blow Away