Wednesday, July 1, 2009

F - I - E - R - C - E / Laughing With

Happy Canada Day! Unfortunately, this post has nothing to do with Canada or anything remotely Canadian for that matter. But I will dedicate a few lines of this blog as to be patriotic. Including mention of the fact that we are 142 years old, so Happy Birthday Canada! FYI, I am ridiculously proud to be Canadian.

Actually, this post is all about RiRi.
Been very impressed with Rihanna's style lately, so I've decided I have to do a post on her.

I almost cried when I saw Paris Hilton sporting this Alexander Wang dress. I'm pretty sure somewhere out there, Alex Wang himself was probably crying too. Rihanna looks fabulous in it, as expected.

Rihanna has been rocking some serious style the last few weeks. I love how she's not afraid to take risks and just go all out. Never been a fan of hers until as of lately.

In my opinion, Rihanna > Beyonce anyday.
(Even though Beyonce has been stepping up her game lately, I feel like she comes off as a kind of second rate copy cat version of Rihanna.)

The lesson here is to bounce back from a scandal (Chris Brown, nude photos anyone?) by dressing well/fierce and everyone will forget about it.

Songs today are Regina Spektor's Laughing With and Eet