Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mac Paint Pot and the Perfect Nude

This is the best thing ever. I picked one of these up in "Painterly" (which is a great base color) the other day after hearing all the rave reviews (plus Kim Kardashian swears by this), and I love love love it! These are pigment rich and when applied under eyeshadow, makes everything easier to apply and blend. It doesn't make eyeshadow last as long as UD's Primer Potion but you can always use them in combination. I don't really have oily lids so this by itself made my eyeshadow last all day, crease free. I don't think I'm ever going to wear eyeshadow without this underneath ever again.

Also picked up Mac lipstick in "Hue", which is the perfect nude lip color. The trick is to dab it on or apply with a lip brush -- build if you need color, and apply a nude gloss on top.

Yay for makeup!