Monday, March 9, 2009

So Livid

Remember this guy? Well not only is he overly sensitive, but he's an asshole as well. (We're platonic by the way, he's so not my type)

If I haven't already mentioned, he drives me to school everyday of the week except Wednesdays, given that he lives only a few blocks away from me.

After that whole fiasco about him getting angry at me for a stupid joke I made (being rude, and talking "shit"-- his words, not mine) I apologized and things went back to normal, except that I no longer bothered to joke around with him. He begrudgingly accepts my apology.

I thought everything was cool and everything seemed to be; he still picked me up on his way to school for the next few weeks.

And then today rolls around, it's 10:15 and he hasn't arrived...which I thought was weird. I text him asking if he's on his way, and 10 minutes later, I call him twice. No answer.

I figure that maybe he's running late, so I wait around like a fool. He finally texts me back 10 minutes before class starts telling me, "No, I'm at school."

Wow, thanks for letting me know buddy. He's the type of guy who checks his Blackberry every 2 minutes, so he intentional waits until there's no way I can get to school on time to tell me this.

I text him back "Thanks for letting me know 10 minutes before class. What the hell is wrong with you?"

This is what he says back, word for word: "Well, I figured you would've let me know if you wanted a ride. I'm not here to wait on you hand and foot, don't expect me to just come whenever you need a ride. If you have such a problem, maybe you should catch a ride with someone else."

(This is the most literate thing I've ever seen him write. It took him an hour to get back to me...probably spell checking and making sure his grammar is correct.)

That, everyone, comes from absolutely nowhere. I was absolutely stunned.

Must I iterate that HE DROVE ME EVERYDAY THIS SEMESTER, without me asking, without me reminding him?! So suddenly, I'm supposed to be able to predict when he wants to drive me and when he doesn't?!

Honestly, if he didn't want to pick me up, that's fine, AT LEAST LET ME KNOW so I can actually get to school on time and not miss class.

He knew, he knew I would be waiting for him and he drove right past my house without so much a word to let me know.

There's more. After I tell him the above, he replies with:

"Well excuse me for not catering to your traveling needs, its your responsibility as the person getting the ride to make sure I can drive in the first place. I'm not a fking taxi."

*Sigh* I need a coffee. I'm quite hurt by this, but more angry and pissed off than anything. I'm completely drained by the whole thing.