Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Art of the Status Update

Research (i.e. my Facebook homepage, circa 2:17 p.m. Thursday, January 22, 2009) suggests that Status Updates fall roughly into four categories. 1. Prosaic, or “what I am doing now,” (Jill is baking bread). 2. Informative, or “stuff I found somewhere else” (Jack loves this article from GOOD, followed by URL); 3. Clever and funny (Johnny thinks Obama should be sworn in a few more times, just to be EXTRA safe.; Janey discovered that Michelle Obama’s wardrobe is a divisive topic in water aerobics class, and 4.) Poetic or nonsensical (Josh is watching a parakeet form itself out of ice on the telephone wire; If Jim were a cloud, he would rain Earl Grey tea).

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