Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Random Facts

I decided to post up 10 random facts about me that I did quite a while ago, but never posted up...as with a lot of my other posts, it just kinda became a draft. I'm trying to publish some of my many many drafts that never made it to the main page.

10 Random Facts About Me (because I'm going through a list phase)
10. My favorite color is dark green. I abhor lime green.
9. I consider makeup and beauty a hobby
8. I love spinach...I eat it at least 3 times a week mixed in salad, or steamed.
7. I live for bargains.
6. I exercise while watching gossip girl on Sunday nights and top model on Wednesday nights
5. I have a huge tendency to blush even if I'm not embarrassed. I've had so many guys mistaken me for liking them when I feel the exact opposite, it's ridiculous.
4. I want my own personal library...my future house must have one (or just a huge bookcase of books like the one pictured above). I'm a huge book fanatic!!!
3. I'm actually not very light. I'm not 80 lbs like everyone thinks. People don't account for my butt, hips and thigh weight when deciding to give me a piggyback.
2. I dream of going to study at the Sorbonne in Paris.
1. I take my coffee 2 cream 1 sugar. But most of the time I just drink tea mistos.


Man, like I said, going through my list of posts, I realize I write a lot of entries on this blog that don't end up getting published because of their depth and detail...rants about people I know personally, confessions about my feelings towards the random people (some good, some bad) and...yes, there's probably one or two about a guy I'm kind of interested in. And of course, ramblings about guys...I'm not so interested in. And then there are posts like these that don't make it because I can't think of enough random facts about me in the moment...thinking of 10 things is hard work!

Some of these do get published--mostly the ones that are so vague, you couldn't figure out who the heck I'm talking about...it really could be anyone, and that's how I like it.