Monday, December 22, 2008

Old Yellow Bricks

My darlings, I have only changed my status on fb from single to blank...I decided to remove the whole relationship status from my profile.

So even if it says, "Samm is no longer listed as single" nothing's changed, I'm actually listed as blank-- I'm restricting my privacy settings you know I've already taken off my wall and photos tagged of me. Hopefully that clears everything up and I get no more questions about that!!

I think this person sums it up best:
"Why does a person have to tell the world that they are engaged, complicated or single at all? I think these are private matters that a person should share with close family and friends. There's no need to flaunt"

- (Oh yeah, turns out I don't have to buy a new camera after all! My dad got the exact same one I wanted on my previous post just yesterday night! Hurray!!)

- (Man, no gossip girl for two weeks now. I need my weekly fix!!!)

Song is: Arctic Monkeys - Old Yellow Bricks

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