Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Circle Lenses for Bigger Eyes / Last Post Before the New Year

I was sent a notification on facebook the other day claiming that "Cbb Circle Lenses" has added me has a friend. Obvs an account used to promote circle lens buyers...I love how money making capitalists are taking advantage of social networking sites like facebook and turning them into a ground for advertising and selling. *Rolls eyes*

I was rather surprised that these lenses were making their way to into the Western market...and that more and more girls in Calgary are getting into them. They're really popular with celebs in Asia in general (girls and guys alike)

For those of you who don't know what circle lenses are...they are basically contact lenses, and like color contacts, are meant for cosmetic reasons. People wear them as they give the appearance of a bigger iris, making your overall eyes look bigger and brighter and "doll like" . Circle lenses are a huge hit in Asia, particularly in Korea and Japan, where I believe they originated.

Examples of Korean Celebs Wearing Circle Lenses (click to enlarge)

Before and After

I fell into the craze for this about a year ago, ordering a pair of the Tutti browns (pictured above) and they do exactly as soon as i popped them in i noticed a big difference in how my eyes looked! Those of you who own a pair know what I'm talking about. However, it became just a phase for me as they became to unnatural and alien like looking to suit me...not to mention that contacts (circle or not) just aren't comfortable and the dryness and irritation of contacts in general drive me insane. However, I've talked to some people who have wear them now and then and they absolutely love them. They're a great way to enhance your eyes and just another makeup tool in my opinion.

For those of you wondering where to purchase these, there's a few sellers floating around facebook (their credibility I don't know, as I've never purchased from them before)
and makeupforlife also does custom purchases from time to time...just check in with her blog now and then.

As a side note, this is usually a FAQ when it comes to circle lenses:

Are circle lenses safe?

All contact lens (soft/hard/colored/circle/regular/perscription/nonprescription) are potentially damaging. In the United States, regular contacts need a prescription by a certified optometrist to be obtained because they need to be specially fit to your own eyeball. Cosmetic lenses that have 0.00 power (plano lenses) are legal to sell in the USA without prescription, but most stores require one anyways.

In Asia, contact lenses do not necessarily need to be given by a doctor, nor is a prescription required to buy cosmetic lenses. Circle lenses are particularly seen as unsafe because they are said to be larger in diameter then normal lenses. This allows less oxygen to enter your eyes, often drying natural moisture out and putting strain on them. They also contain color pigment which can cloud vision when the contacts shift.

But the "largeness" of the lenses are relative - brands in America sell contacts with 14.00-14.60 diameter. Circle lense brands are the same. If you wear contacts already, check the information on your own lenses to determine if the circle lenses you want are the proper fit for you.

Almost all circle lenses sold throughout Asia are imported from Korea. Big name brands are usually FDA and CE approved. There are some smaller, unknown companies that produce the lenses, but they are not approved. Most of those companies are non-Korean brands, though not all. Do not buy them if you are unwary of the brand or seller! Always ask the seller all questions before buying :]

**Note: Just because you buy circle lenses in a country like China, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. does not mean you are automatically buying imitation lenses. Just be smart and research before ordering!
- credits to chickery on soompi