Thursday, December 11, 2008

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight / Random Tidbits

Mumbo Jumbo yet Again

- I am a true food scavenger. Not only do I have this compulsive problem where I HAVE to have some kind of food to nibble on while I'm in front of the computer, watching TV, studying, reading, whatever, I am constantly on the internet looking at food pictures. I save the pictures and randomly look at them in my spare time at school.

- I have this weird addition to Taylor Swift songs lately. They're soo catchy I find myself putting a truckload of her songs on my mp3 player and hitting repeat.

- I'm not in the holiday spirit like everyone else. I don't know why, maybe cause of all this studying for exams and the fact that I haven't so much as started any Christmas shopping.

- Which reminds me that I should be studying.

- I've been eating so unhealthily lately. Tomorrow, I'm going to whip up a spinach salad filled with whatever fruits and veggies I can find and cancel out the junk I've been eating lately.

- It's so cold out that I feel perfectly content staying in on a Saturday night.

- It sucks not having a proper camera.
Ever since mine got stolen in France, I have been camera-less now for 4 months and counting. So instead of being able to take pictures of friends, happenings, my cooking attempts, shopping hauls and camwhore, I've been forced to use stock photos on my blog posts.

Not to mention I'm still bitter over losing the pictures I had from Paris and the UK.

I'm planning to get one as soon as the holidays are over.

Canon Powershot SD1100

- I love making these pointless lists. You know what else I love? Reading people's "dirty little secrets"

Song is
Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

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