Thursday, August 6, 2009

And now you know everything.

I know, I know, my blog has become very boring lately(not that it was very interesting to begin with, but it has been especially lame for these past couple of weeks). Hopefully it will resurrect from this highly, highly unsatisfactory state soon.

I had a very low key, relaxing long weekend. One of the things I did was watch the Exorcist, and now I walk around with the constant fear that I'll somehow become possessed and start crawling down the stairs backwards, or that someone in my house will. If in fact, that does happen, I will probably have to stab that person, family or not. The first few nights afterwards I had trouble sleeping because that's what happens when I watch a horror movie on that level...sometimes I even imagine that my bed is shaking. Seriously, this kind of possession shit scares the hell out of me.

I have avoided watching this movie for years now, and the only reason why I watched it this weekend is because of this guy I like. I don't do this for everyone, I'll let you know, so I guess this means he's somewhat of a big deal or something. And he also complained about me not blogging about him, and so here I am, doing that too, practically professing my like for a guy. On MY BLOG! I don't even know who I am anymore.

The things I put up with and do for him. Clearly I am the giver in this relationship.

(I just realized that someone who did not spot the humor when reading this would be thinking, "wow what is a cute, smart girl like you doing with a guy like him" but of course this is more of an inside joke if you will. If you're reading this- I think you're great, and now I expect you to write a rap song in return for me.)

PS. I managed to snag tickets (face value, through sheer luck!) to these guys, who are playing Thursday. Really, really excited for this!

Songs today are Modest Mouse's King Rat and Whale Song. New EP is very good.