Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tipping and Twitter / Four Winds

I don't get when people receive horrible service and still insist on tipping?? What's going on with people tipping 20% for absolute shitty service? When did this start to happen? WTF!

My take: Service people, regardless of industry, who are lazy, incompetent, rude or assholish in one way or another, DON'T TIP THEM ANYTHING! Why should people be rewarded for bad service? If on the other hand, you receive moderate to excellent service, then yes, tip away!

It's not even an issue of being cheap. People need to stop tipping for the sake of tipping.


I really don't get twitter.
Even though what I do hourly is pretty compelling and interesting, do you actually want to know that I'm:

4:56 - Studying for econ exam
5:10 - Eating tortilla chips dipped in salsa
6:01 - Browsing the net and bored
7:03 - Washroom

Someone explain to me why this is such a big thing.

Song today is Bright Eyes - Four Winds