Monday, April 6, 2009

random thoughts / Little Shadow

- Wow, so after posting personal pictures my subscribers went up by quite a bit. Hrm, will have to keep that in mind next down my numbers go on the decline.

- Every time my subscriber numbers go down, even if it's only by one or two, it's like a stab in the heart. A really really painful stab. Okay, so I'm being dramatic, but it is a downer. It screams "your writing sucks" or "you're just really boring." Oh well, it is a personal blog I guess. Even I get bored reading someone else's shit sometimes.

- To go along with the first, don't we all love those people who have time to upload albums and albums of themselves on facebook striking the same "cutesy" expression and pose in each one of their 50, 60, 70+ batches of pictures, except with the occasional outfit change here and there? And then when they've accumulated enough individual snapshots of themselves, they put them all together to make collages (yes, plural). Time restraints are obviously non existent for them, not to mention any narcissism deficiencies.

- I hate pretentious people. I hate self righteous people. I feel pretentious using the word pretentious.

- The Hills season premiere was on tonight!! Drama, drama, drama, I looove it. Man, I never realized how much I missed LC and her comments about people being "shady" here and there, left and right. I'm always so amazed at how much she's changed, physically. She's come a long long way since her Laguna Beach days.

- No matter how many times I reread my blog post before publishing it and no matter how many times I edit it, reading back on the same one a couple weeks later, I always always find a grammar or spelling error somewhere in it! I'll read back on this very entry a couple months from now, and I guarantee I'll find something wrong with it. Why is that?

- Craving cupcakes. These ones in particular:

- I've never been a fan of full back tattoos, but this is amazing. (Click to enlarge)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Little Shadow (Acoustic)