Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hipster Bingo / O Valencia

Hipsters: They. Are. Everywhere.

Found these witty little hipster bingo creations a couple months ago, and have been doing checklists in my head whenever I spot a "hipster" or even better, a group of them. I really should have a special day where I print these off and go to Starbucks or Kensington or something and have a go.

And an updated version...perhaps more 2008/2009ish.

It's funny how the typical hipster (or perhaps the wannabe hipster if you will) claims to be different, original and whatnot, but is really the exact opposite. Think American Apparel standard hoodie (owns 3 or more colors), skinny jeans, vintage sunglasses, headband across forehead, vintage tees from Goodwill, a bomber jacket, environmentally conscious, liberal....etc, etc. Very generic and really nothing original to it. Doesn't annoy or bother me or anything, just a general observation.

However, what really bothers me is the fob look. Which I won't get into.

Urban Dictionary defines it as:

1. Hipster

Listens to bands that you have never heard of. Has hairstyle that can only be described as "complicated." (Most likely achieved by a minimum of one week not washing it.) Probably tattooed. Maybe gay. Definitely cooler than you. Reads Black Book, Nylon, and the Styles section of the New York Times. Drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon. Often. Complains. Always denies being a hipster. Hates the word. Probably living off parents money - and spends a great deal of it to look like they don't have any. Has friends and/or self cut hair. Dyes it frequently (black, white-blonde, etc. and until scalp bleeds). Has a closet full of clothing but usually wears same three things OVER AND OVER (most likely very tight black pants, scarf, and ironic tee-shirt). Chips off nail polish artfully after $50 manicure. Sleeps with everyone and talks about it at great volume in crowded coffee shops. Addicted to coffee, cigarettes (Parliaments, Kamel Reds, Lucky Strikes, etc.), and possibly cocaine. Claims to be in a band. Rehearsals consist of choosing outfits for next show and drinking PBR. Always on the list. Majors or majored in art, writing, or queer studies. Name-drops. May go by "Penny Lane," "Eleanor Rigby," etc. when drunk. On PBR. Which is usually.

I am not a fucking hipster! (sweeps bangs to side dramatically and takes a swig of PBR)

On another note,
I've been doing something pretty great for everyone lately.
I've been stimulating the economy by spending.

After hearing all the rave reviews about the Coastal Scents 88 Color Palettes, I had to order one of these wonderful things up! I ordered the shimmer palette as the matte palette was sold out but as soon as it's in stock, I'll probably get that one as well.

It came out to be about $35 including shipping I think? That's amazing as you can only get 2 individual MAC eyeshadows for that price. Not only is it cheap, but from what a hear, lots of color payoff as well! Will post what I think when I receive it.

All these colors are to die for....just looking at them makes me happy.

And along with that, I've been spending money on random crap I can't even keep track oh I don't know, a bellybutton ring, another book light, and an electric toothbrush. This has to stop.

Song today is: The Decemberists - O Valencia