Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Growing old does not apply to me

Tomorrow is the birthday. Another year older.

Not that I'm old or anything. I'm young, fertile and nothing's sagging. In fact, quite the opposite. Everything is in working order, so all is good.

With that, I will present my wishlist for this year:

- Gaspard Ulliel, James Franco or Johnny Depp (individually or all at the same time is not a big deal to me).
- A new texture of peanut butter (sometimes I get bored of smooth and crunchy).
- The entire Stella McCartney and Chloe spring/summer '10 collection (ruffles, lace and all).
- A Coldstone Creamery built in my cul-de-sac.
- A complete understanding of how a guy's brain works, computers, and why the trip back is always shorter than the trip there.
- Snow in this city that affects everyone else but me. And acceptance by everyone that this is fair and how it should be.
- The ability to win a game of Tap Tap with humility instead of dancing around and cheering my own awesomeness.

I hope everyone steps up to the plate for this.