Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm going to never leave the house without some kind of painkiller in my bag from now onwards! This can never happen again!!

I feel thoroughly hit with cramps and a headache midday today and although the cramps went away, my head still throbs.

I literally went around asking coworker to coworker for some kind of painkiller, something, anything, today at work to alleviate some of the pain. After the 6th person, I realized that no one carries around anything of the sort. And so I went on for the next 3 hours feeling dizzy and not quite myself.

When I finally did get my hands on some once I got home, the headache didn't go away and I still decided to take it and go out. I ended up cutting short the plans anyway. I feel so bummed out about it.

So don't take it personally. Really didn't mean to take out my shit on a bunch of people today.

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