Tuesday, November 25, 2008

$135 Abercrombie & Fitch Tanktop

Found this while browsing forums the other day:

100% cotton, Supersoft, floral screenprint with floral embroidery overtop, sweetheart neckline with ruffle trim, cinched at center of bust, empire waist, smocked in back with back tie-straps, tiered hem, moose embroidery, Classic Fit, Imported

Is this thing supposed to be orgasmic or something?!

Last time I checked, A&F was never couture. It's so outrageous how they can sell a tanktop for 135$CAD ($100 US)!! And even more outrageous that people would be willing to fork over this much without thought.

Man, maybe if it were adorned with jewels or emeralds or spun out of gold i don't know.
And since A&F is notorious for child labor practices, this piece of cotton probably took less than $1 to make.

A&F needs to get over themselves. Screw the supersoft, floral screenprint with the floral embroidery overtop, ruffle trim etc, IT'S JUST A TANKTOP.

edit: Found another one for 90$ CAD

I could go to Old Navy and buy probably 10 of the exact same tanktop.

Aren't we in the midst of an economic crisis? I mean maybe if everyone was basking in prosperity and riches and money was falling from trees. Even then I wouldn't even think of putting that much money on one of these.

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