Friday, March 28, 2008

Physical Attractiveness Scale (1-10)

A recent survey I was reading:
The question was, on a physical scale, how much would rate yourself (1 being dead ugly, 10 being gorgeous/beautiful)

I was surprised by the results as I was reading through the replies:
Many people rated themselves below 5, and majority rated themselves sixes
Most of the people who rated themselves this way also added in that they had extremely low self esteem.

There were some that rated themselves 7's and some 8's.
Needless to say, 9's and 10's were rare.

It just kinda surprised me because I always thought that the general population would rate themselves 7-8's and there wouldn't be as many ratings below 5. I mean, of course the survey has its flaws because some people would consider a 5 an average person, but some people would disagree and say 6 or 7 is average. People are really coming down hard on themselves...and who can really blame them? Some responses:
"I would rate myself a 5/6. I am average looking. I dont think I am considered ugly or pretty.
I wish I was less insecure about myself though."
"I think i'd be a 5-6, because i'm too self-conscious"
"4 or 5. I'm average and maybe 6 when i dress up and stuff"

"To be honest, I'd rate myself as a 3 or 4. 5 the most =\
I use to think my eyes were really pretty, but now I'm lacking sleep and gaining eyebags >__>"
I seriously need to lose weight.. I know that being skinny's not all that.
Because I got a friend who's really pretty and she's not so skinny. Everyone even thinks she's pretty.
But my thighs bother me so much x___x argh! Haha.
Besides the fact that I have a few pimples here and there.
I feel so ugly being around everyone. TT___TT
And it's not because I have low self-esteem, but I really think most of my friends are sooo pretty.
Sometimes I hate when they say think they're not, 'cause it makes me feel even worse x___x"

For me it really depends. I think I'm a 7 on average but there are days (or phases) I go through that I think I'm a 4 or a 5.

It's especially hard to have high self esteem when there's so much emphasis on physical attractiveness. I mean, let's face it, looks account for a lot these've all heard of experiments they do, where people are more willing to help the hot girl whose car broke down in the middle of road as opposed to an average looking girl. The better looking one will get the job over the other individual with the same resume experience.

Sucks doesnt it.

Well this is no doubt a 10. What a mother fucking hot piece of ass.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha, you are hilarious woman. love it. picture of gaspard i mean..

i agree with this entry, even though i was arguing it an hour ago when i was talking to you. just cause on this, i understand hahaha. my ratings on myself always depend on who i'm around. i feel so sorry for the girl who gave that last comment