Thursday, May 13, 2010

The art of the compliment

I love compliments. Seriously, they light the fire to what is called my ego. And admit it, you love them too.

You're hot. You have the best butt. You're so smart. You smell nice. I love what you're wearing. It's weird, but you remind me of Adriana Lima*.

Compliments are good for the soul. They never cease to warm my insides. The more specific the compliment, the more bonus points you score.

The problem is discerning which one's are genuine and which ones are the I-want-to-sleep-with-you-and-if-it-means-telling-you-pretty-things-then-so-be-it ones.

But the compliment that seems to bring about mixed feelings among us ladies has to be:
You're cute.

I was talking to a friend a while ago and she brought about how she doesn't think "you're cute" counts as a compliment. It is more something you say when you can't tell a girl she's hot and "you're cute" acts as a kind of safe medium. I agree with her to an extent. Cute isn't exactly the best compliment to give to another. For me, cute stirs up images of kittens and puppies and unicorns that you want to put in your pocket and carry around with you. Or those real life anime looking girls with big huge alien eyes and frilly clothes.

But then again, I take it. And I don't mind it. It doesn't exactly make my panties wet or whatever, but hey, I say thank you all the same.

However tell me I'm smart and gorgeous and the best thing since grilled cheese and I'm yours**.

*The proper way to give this compliment is actually the other way around (i.e. Adriana Lima reminds me of you).

**Not really. Do you really think it's that easy. But it's always nice to hear. And it'll make me like you more. Especially if you add in the grilled cheese part.

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