Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Have the Worst Luck in the World.


I think the past three weeks have been just humiliation for me.

You know, these days I'm really really asking for it.

I want to blog the whole thing out, but it’s too much of a humiliating story to ever be posted on the internet. I can’t afford to be laughed at at the moment--I think I might cry if I picture people in fits of laughter on their computer picturing me doing whatever I did that got me into this whole stupid situation where I look back and regret remorsefully.

Next time, I will NEVER NEVER act the same way.

I will act like the civilized person I am and do things rationally. I will let things come to me and never take stupid ass initiative again if I’m actually serious about it.

I seriously deserve a trophy for my goddamn wasted efforts. A BIG FUCKING TROPHY and every good thing that happens in my life from now onwards. No question about it.

Thus, my first real post relates entirely to the intro. I will laugh about this in a few weeks to come.

I will live happily ever after.

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